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Q: Does your Virtual High Schools  in Wisconsin provide an accredited high school diploma?

A: The CESA online high schools in Wisconsin provide a public high school diploma equivalent

Q: If my son went to a public online high school in Wisconsin for his first year, can those credits transfer to you online high school?

A: Yes, most credits should transfer, when you call us we will request the transcripts for you and go over them to make sure before anyone enrolls.

Q: If my daughter goes to your Virtual high school in Wisconsin and decides to go back to a public school what will happen?

A: We will issue transcripts to the new school and because we work with the public schools most if not all credits should transfer.

Q: Can someone use this program if they were homeschooling in Wisconsin?

A: Absolutely, we accept a lot of homeschooling students each year and many love how our programs work and help you keep track of your progress.

Q: Do you offer languages as classes?

A: Online classes for a number of languages are available, we have worked hard to be the best online high schools in Wisconsin by offering the most diverse classes.

Q: How do I enroll in the online high schools if I have not moved into Wisconsin yet?

A: Give us a call and we can determine your qualifications based on what day you will be moving to Wisconsin.


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